President Yameen will have to abide by the rule of law after September's election: Solih

  • 'President Yameen will be defeated by a huge margin'
  • 'President Yameen has up till 17th November to remain in power'
  • 'During this time, he has to remain within the rule of law'

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Opposition candidate Solih speaking to residents of Gemanafushi island -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Maldives Joint opposition’s Presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that after the 23rd of September, President Abdulla Yameen will have to abide by the rule of law and 'return to legal ambit'.

Solih arrived in Gemanafushi island of Haa Alif atoll on Saturday as part of his campaign tour across Haa Alif and Haa Dhaalu atolls. Speaking to residents of the island, Solih declared that he will not take even a single step back and that President Yameen will undoubtedly lose the upcoming September polls.

Solih with residents of Gemanafushi island

Having highlighted that President Yameen has till the 17th of November to remain in power, Solih said that President Yameen must abide by the rule of law within those days that he gets to stay in power.

Highlighting that President Yameen came into power with the support of members of the opposition coalition, Solih said that the citizens of Maldives have high hopes in him and that although he had citizens support, he tarnished his own image by choosing arrogance and selfishness over the support he was receiving from several state institutions and most of the Parliament.

Solih with residents of Gemanafushi island

Solih further said that although Yameen had the majority support of the Parliament when he was elected as President, most of the parliamentarians had turned against him after seeing the tyranny with which he was running the country.

Moreover, the opposition Presidential candidate said that President Yameen had put tyranny before all else and conducted many wrongdoings out of the legal ambit as well as stepped out of the rule of law several times.

Solih pledged that no one will be exempt from justice in a unity government run by the opposition coalition.

Solih with residents of Gemanafushi island

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