Sinamalé Bridge is the product of Yameen and President Xi Jinping's 'close friendship': Housing Minister

  • Minister Muizzu said this at the ceremony held to officially open the bridge that this is an

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 31-August-2018 | Friday 15:59 | twitter | Local | 752

Minister Muizzu -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

The Sinamalé Bridge is the result of the close friendship between incumbent President Abdulla Yameen and China's President Xi Jinping, Housing Minister Mohamed Muizzu has said. 

Minister Muizzu said at the ceremony held to officially open the bridge that the 'unchangeable truth' is that while promises to connect capital city Malé to Hulhulé island has been made by other presidents, it is Yameen that accomplished it. 

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu revealed that the bridge, that connects capital city Malé to Hulhule' island, where Velana International Airport is located, will comprise of two lanes, of which one is for public transport and the other will be specific for heavier, bulkier vehicles.

Muizzu further revealed that public transport such as MPL bus services will also commence. As such, the buses for the transport have been brought to the capital city and are ready for transport. Minister Muizzu revealed that they have not yet decided on a fee for the transport, assuring the public that it will be affordable.

Ministerial cabinets that spoke to the press at the fireworks dazzled event had thanked President Yameen for constructing the bridge, with Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed having said that 'no one else' but Yameen could have accomplished it.

Construction of the bridge was fully assigned to the China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd., the subsidiary of a construction enterprise owned by the Chinese state. This is the same company that built the 24-km ‘Penang Second Bridge’ in Malaysia. About a 1,000 of their employees have been active in the Maldives.

An estimated USD 210 million has been spent on developing the bridge, of which no less than 126 million is grant in aid from the Chinese government. The Maldivian government had spent 12 million.

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