Solih meets former minister Umar Zahir during door-to-door campaign

  • Solih visited Zahir's house and held discussions
  • Solih had also met with Zahir Hussain, a long-serving official
  • Both Solih and Zahir were seen to be having an enjoyable time

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 29-August-2018 | Wednesday 18:41 | zunana | Local | 1,026

Umar Zahir with opposition candidate Solih during his campaign -- Photo by: Twitter

Former Minister of Construction and Public Works who is also a close associate of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Umar Zahir has met with opposition coalition’s Presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday.

Solih had met with Zahir at his home, during his door-to-door campaign in Maafannu-ward of capital city Male’. Solih and Zahir had then gone to Jazz Café for evening tea, however, they had not revealed what had been discussed.

Both Solih and Zahir were seen to be having an enjoyable time as they were spotted leaving Zahir’s house, as well as the café.

Zahir had served in top positions during jailed long-serving statesman Gayoom’s tenure and remains a close ally of the former President.

While the meeting between the opposition candidate and Zahir took place on Wednesday, Solih had also met with long-serving official Zahir Hussain.

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