President Yameen pledges to develop airport in N. Vihafaru

  • President Yameen said that he would develop the airport within two years if elected for a second term
  • The airport will be developed in Vihafaru to make it convenient for both Velidhoo and Holhudhoo residents
  • He claimed that the opposition is too ineffectual to make such promises

K. Male' | Humaam Ali | 29-August-2018 | Wednesday 16:09 | HumaamAli | Local | 592

President Abdulla Yameen -- Photo by: Presidents Office

President Abdulla Yameen has pledged to develop an airport near N. Velidhoo.

Speaking at a campaign event in Velidhoo, President Yameen said that, if he was elected for a second term, he will develop an airport in Vihafaru within two years to make it convenient for both Velidhoo and Holhudhoo residents.

President Yameen urged the Velidhoo residents to give him the opportunity, claiming that the opposition will be ineffectual and would not even be able to make such promises.

He said that the next time he meets with the Velidhoo residents is at the newly developed airport in Vihafaru.

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