Residents of islands will be protected once the island itself is protected: Opposition running mate

  • Coastal erosion is a big issue in the islands
  • Naseem pledged to pave a convenient way to bring solutions to issues island residents face
  • The opposition's campaign team is currently touring Faafu and Dhaalu atolls

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 12-August-2018 | Sunday 16:05 | zunana | Local | 638

Opposition Vice Presidential candidate Faisal Naseem -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Joint Opposition running mate Faisal Naseem has said that island residents can only be protected once the island itself is protected.

Speaking in Bilehdhoo on Sunday, Naseem stressed that the island is faced with the threat of coastal erosion.

Highlighting that there are residents who want plots of land in the island, Faisal said that a solution to erosion must be provided, but that no solution has been provided by President Abdulla Yameen's administration.

Referring to the pledges the current administration had made to the island that have gone unfulfilled, Faisal assured that the Joint Opposition's government will do work that the citizens want.

He also vowed to provide a convenient way to bring solutions to issues faced by island residents.

Faisal's trip to Bilehdhoo is part of the Joint Opposition's tour through Faafu and Dhaalu atolls.

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