Jailed ex-defence minister's family accuses police of 'planting pistol'

  • Nazim was prosecuted and charged to a sentence of 11 years in prison
  • Nazim has not been granted lawyer visits for two months
  • A police officer who witnessed the scene is ready to give witness testimony in court in Nazim's defense

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Former Defense Minister Colonel Mohamed Nazim's younger brother Azim -- Photo by: Simaha Naseem

Former defence minister Colonel (Rtd.) Mohamed Nazim’s younger brother Adam Azim has accused the police of planting a pistol found at his residence, for which he was later prosecuted and imprisoned.

Speaking at the press conference held on Saturday, Azim said claimed to have witnesses ready to testify in court.

Noting that the case was first filed at the Supreme Court, Azim said that the court is yet to give them the opportunity.

He added that the longer it takes 'is a delay in serving justice'.

Furthermore, Azim emphasized that an officer among the lot who had raided Nazim’s residence and witnessed the pistol being planted 'is ready to give his testimony to court'

Also at the press conference held on Saturday to mark three and a half years since Nazim's incarceration, his wife Afaaf Abdul Majeed stressed that the Maldives the Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) had failed to inform this family 'any of the times Nazim was brought to the capital city for doctors appointments'. Furthermore, Afaaf revealed that the family is not notified of his condition either. She added that when requested to grant permission for medical leave abroad for important tests in regards to his health, the authorities 'denied this as well'.

His lawyers also expressed concern over not Nazim not being lawyer visits 'for about two months now'.

Masked officers of the Maldives Police Service (MPS) had entered the former defence minister's residence in the early hours of 18th of January 2015 and, having isolated his family into the apartment’s living room, proceeded to search the entirety of the house before confiscating a black bag. Officers had removed a pistol, three bullets and a magazine from the bag.

Officers later claimed to have found a portable drive containing plans to harm top government officials as well as an explosive device.

Although Nazim had vehemently denied the charges raised against him, he has since been sentenced and is doing time of 11 years in prison. Jailed former Vice President Abeeb has since revealed that 'Nazim has nothing to do with the pistol' and that he know who is behind 'framing' Nazim.

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