Bridge Wedding: forms to be available from Sunday

  • Issuance of forms will begin on the 05th August till 13th August
  • Forms will be issued from the front desk of the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
  • Minister Muizzu states that the bridge will be completed and opened before the initial date set which is 25th September

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 04-August-2018 | Saturday 15:16 | zunana | Local | 665

Sinamale' bridge -- Photo by: Twitter

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has revealed that issuance of application forms for those who wish to get wedded on the China Maldives Friendship Bridge, officially named Sinamale, will begin on Sunday.

Minister Muizzu revealed this via a tweet typed out in Dhivehi early Friday morning.

This tweet translates to “Issuance of application forms who wish to get married on the bridge as President Abdulla Yameen pledged, will begin on the 5th of August”. His tweet further highlights that forms will be issued from the Housing Ministry’s front desk and that forms will be issued till the 13th of August.

While construction work of the Sinamale bridge being built between capital city Male’ and its suburban extension Hulhumale’ is mostly completed and is declared to be opened by the 25th of September, Minister Muizzu has affirmed that it will be completed and opened to the general public before the given date.

While over a 1,000 expatriate workers are involved in the bridge development project established between the government and Chinese company, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Second Harbor Engineering Company Limited, about USD 200 million are being spent for the project, out of which USD 116 million is free aid by the Chinese government and USD 72 million is allocated as loan by the Chinese government.

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