Flooding in Male' Hiyaa 2 causes prolonged blackout, Housing Ministry fails to provide solution

  • The apartment had a pool up to four inches deep, caused by the flooding
  • RaajjeMV was unable to attain a comment from the ministry at the time of publishing
  • A ministry official had arrived for inspection, but returned without providing a solution

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 02-August-2018 | Thursday 23:00 | zunana | Local | 582

Flooding in Male' Hiyaa 2 -- Photo by: Raajjemv

There has been a flooding incident in an apartment of Male’ Hiyaa 2, which was recently changed under the supervision of The Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure from Male’ City Council due to “negligence” on the council’s part.

Speaking to RaajjeMV, Male’ City Council’s member Shaheen Mohamed revealed that the water tanks placed on top of the flat had brimmed, causing water to pour down to the apartment, causing flooding of up to four inches. The flooding had also caused a drawn-out blackout in the apartment. Shaheen added that albeit the owners reporting the incident to the Housing Ministry, none of the ministry officials had provided a solution to the matter. However, about two hours into the blackout, flat owners had arrived to provide a solution to the power cut.

Shaheen went on to say that several damages had been incurred to property due to the flooding. He stated that while the Housing Ministry had snatched the flat management from the City Council, they had failed to carry out the construction works of the flat.

While an extensive family resides in the flooded apartment, Shaheen revealed that the family has children and that they were suffering due to the prolonged power cut. He said that although family members had requested to meet with officials of the Ministry, an official had arrived at the apartment for inspections and returned without providing a solution for the issue.

RaajjeMV was unable to attain a comment from the ministry at the time of publishing.

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