BML sells USD 1 million in two weeks

  • A ceremony was held at VIA to celebrate the milestone
  • The new online booking system is proving both popular and efficient: Travelers

K. Male' | Aala Ibrahim | 23-January-2017 | Monday 20:18 | aalu_aala | Business | 1,791

Bank of Maldives Dollar counter at Velana International Airport -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Bank of Maldives has sold over USD 1 million within two weeks of commencing the new online booking system on 8th January 2017.

A ceremony was held at Velana International Airport, to celebrate the milestone of USD 1 million sales. The ceremony was joined by the CEO of BML along with the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr. Mohamed Shainee.

The Bank reported that 2,500 customers have booked a total of USD 1 million so far and travelers in the airport confirmed the Bank’s assessment that the new system is proving both popular and efficient.

Under the new process, customers can pre-book dollars using the Bank’s online portal and then collect their currency at a dedicated collection point in the airport’s Departure area near Gate 4. Those who do not have online access can pay at any BML branch and then pick up their dollars at the airport. Special support is available to elderly and disabled travelers at all times.

As before, BML sells maximum USD 500 for a single ticket. Moreover, at most five people may be included in a single online booking.

Prior to the establishment of the BML Dollar Counter at the airport, Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) had directly sold US Dollars to travelers during the last year end vacation. The central Bank reported that it had sold approximately USD 14 million during the holidays.

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