Fenaka MD professes account was hacked, deletes hate response towards ex-President

  • He had deleted the response calling the Muslim nation and authorities to execute the former President
  • Fenaka Corporation had released a press release which highlights that Lam’aan’s twitter account had been hacked
  • Lam’aan had on Thursday tweeted that he had recovered his account

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Acting Managing Director at Fenaka Corporation, Mohamed Lam'aan -- Photo by: Raajjemv

State utilities company Fenaka Corporation has revealed that their acting Managing Director (MD) Mohamed Lam'aan’s twitter account had been hacked when a response calling to execute former President Mohamed Nasheed had been sent out.

Fenaka’s MD had threatened Nasheed through a response from his official twitter account to a tweet the former President had posted earlier on Tuesday, openly calling on the "authorities and Muslim ummah to execute" the opposition leader.

In his tweet Lam’aan had described Nasheed as a “cheap creature who spreads hate in the heart of the people.”

Lam'aan's response to a tweet sent out by former President Nasheed

Following heavy criticism from the general public towards his response, Fenaka’s MD had later on deleted the response to Nasheed’s tweet.

In his tweet Nasheed wrote that "President Yameen had picked Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, who is an alleged recruiter of the Islamic States, as his running mate, going on to write that the Saudi Ambassador to the Maldives, Mr. Bader Ali Al-Kohail endorses him and that this tells the people everything they need to know about Saudi support for violent extremism in the Maldives".

Following this, Fenaka Corporation had released a press release which highlights that Lam’aan’s twitter account had been hacked and redundant hate was being unfurled through it.

The press release goes on to read that relevant authorities are investigating the matter and asks the media and general public to be observant of such falsehood.

On Thursday, Lam’aan had tweeted that he had recovered his account with the help of a technical team. His tweet further reads that he “condemns the unacceptable act” and “louds his voice” to stop cyber bullying.


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