Maldives resort cuts off Wi-Fi services to staff after news of payment delay surfaces

  • The staff at the resort have not been paid for two months
  • Their Wi-Fi services were disconnected due to news coverage
  • They are being told that they would be paid “very soon”, every time they complain to management

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 05-July-2018 | Thursday 17:49 | Shaaknee | Local | 1,478

Eriyadhoo Resort -- Photo by: Google

Wi-Fi services for the staff at Eriyadhoo resort have been cut off, following reports of delay in payment.

A tweet sent out by the General Secretary of Tourism Employees Association of Maldives (TEAM), Mauroof Zakir noted that the local staff at the resort have not been paid for two months and that they have not received service charge as well.

Zakir added that their livelihoods are being affected because of this, writing "150 families are struggling for survival" because of this.

Noting that the resort staff work for 10 hours a day, Zakir said that there Wi-Fi services were disconnected on Wednesday "due to news coverage" on the matter.

While the staff have filed official complaints to the resort management over the payment delay, they are told that the matter will be handled "soon" each time. Despite the reassurance, staff members note that this has been going on for two months.

Local media outlets report that they have not been informed of a reason for the delay.

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