Maldives Pension Administration opens opportunity for board members

  • Vacancy is opened for a member for the private sector
  • Application deadline is before 31st January 2017

K. Male' | Aala Ibrahim | 16-January-2017 | Monday 20:40 | aalu_aala | Local | 837

Pension Office -- Photo by: Azmoon Ahmed

Maldives Pension Administration (MPA) has opened opportunity for individuals to apply for candidacy in their board.

The laws and regulations relevant to Maldivian pensions states that the operating board for the administration should consist of eight members.

In the board are chairperson of the board, an official securities market regulator, official civil servant from Ministry of Finance and Treasury, official civil servant in charge of social security and four other members of the private sector who does not work for the government.

Presently, the vacant position available in the board which has been opened for application is for a member who works for the private sector. For interested candidates in the position, the application has to be submitted before 31st January 2017.

A candidate will be decided upon President’s verdict once the Capital Market Development Authority approves nominees who are elected by the special committee instigated to elect board members.  

The individual candidates applying for the position must have at least attained a first degree in either the field of business, law or economics. They should have working experience in the field of finance, pensions or investments and should not be an employee to the government.

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