Four arrested over MVR200,000 theft

  • A minor was arrested in connection with the theft
  • More suspects are to be found to recover the stolen money

K. Male' | Aala Ibrahim | 15-January-2017 | Sunday 22:06 | aalu_aala | Local | 1,129

Rainbow Logo -- Photo by: google

Maldives Police Service has arrested four suspects in connection to the MVR200,000 theft.

According to Police four of them are suspected over snatching MVR200,000 from a messenger while it was being taken to the Rainbow head office earlier this month.

The four suspects include a 19-year-old man, a 17-year-old minor, a 23-year-old man and a 21-year-old man. All four of them arrested on different days have been remanded as police continues the investigation.

According to Police, efforts are underway to find more suspects and recover the stolen money.

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