Tremors in Laamu atoll are likely localized minor land disturbances: MET Office

  • Some islands in Laamu atoll experienced 'tremors' on Wednesday morning
  • MET Office said that these are not likely to cause severe impact
  • Seismometer in Kaadehdhoo island showed "a very low frequency activity"

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 13-June-2018 | Wednesday 17:16 | Shaaknee | Local | 290

Laamu Gan Link Road -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Following reports of tremors in Laamu atoll on Wednesday morning, the Maldives Meteorological Service (MET Office) has confirmed that the region had experienced 'ground shakes'.

In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, Met Office said that records of its seismometer in Kaadehdhoo island showed "a very low frequency activity", adding that no other seismometer in the region had detected this event.

"These shakes are likely caused by a much-localized minor land disturbances and are not likely to cause severe impact," reads the statement.

Speaking to RaajjeMV earlier, Gan Council chief Mohamed Siyam had said that they had felt a tremor at around 11:35am, adding that it lasted about 30 seconds and that most almost all districts had experienced it. He also said that several other islands in the atoll had reported the tremor as well.

Met Office, at the time responded that the seismometers in the region had not detected an earthquake.

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