One major concern of the Maldives film Industry is the lack of government support!

  • Lack of government support is a major concern of filmmakers
  • The industry’s two main demands are training programs and talent learning institutes

K. Male' | Aala Ibrahim | 14-January-2017 | Saturday 06:14 | aalu_aala | Report | 3,546

Poster of Dhivehi Film "Vishka" -- Photo by: facebook

Maldives is a country overflowing with beauty, both natural and cultural. It is not only the beautiful pristine beaches with crystal clear water and lush greenery which makes the Maldives Islands a magnificent place on the Earth. The arts and culture have become an overwhelming factor among locals and foreigners to start loving this country.


Maldives Film Industry plays a main role in the cultural sector as well as the economic sector of the country. Not only that there is a huge crowd enjoying and entertaining themselves with the Maldivian films that is now coming up to international standards.


To the year 2009, the Film industry of Maldives has marked its third decade in the field. It is an industry that has to keep expanding day by day and the popularity of the country too has helped a lot in its development. Though the industry is not funded enough to produce quality movies so far.


There are only a small amount of actors and actresses, which could be a factor that the industry is unable to successfully gain much improvement to the industry over the recent years even with much hard work and dedication. It needs a lot of development and new quality actors to make the work and story of good quality for a bigger worldwide audience. The film industry of Maldives requires many upcoming artists to make the industry come up to the limelight of the world film industry. The magnificent locations and beaches could make it easier for the crews to get a perfect background for a great movie.


Although the Maldivian community is gifted with many cultural talents that should be put out to the public to keep the trade on the run, most of the Dhivehi films are set in one location. As a result, the viewers don’t find the movie interesting.


Filmmakers are not provided with opportunities to submit their productions to other international festivals and that could be the main reason our film industry is not growing.


According to some of the film makers, lack of budget is the main reason the number of movies released per year is decreasing. They also note that one major concern seems to be lack of government support. The Industry’s two most demanding requests are training programs along with talent learning institutes which could provide opportunities for new comers.


It is also disappointing to learn that only a bit of the thirty year old history had been documented. Even so, filmmaking is a sector that is expanding. Hence, there are more than seventy person in this small city who solely depend on it. With an active audience of not more than ten thousand in Male’ City, this is one cultural industry that is important and needs developing.

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