All 10 crew members of Marco Polo 2 brought to Malé

  • They reached Male' late Thursday night
  • Boat sank after catching fire on Tuesday
  • Crew members were rescued by Spear 10 on Wednesday

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 13-January-2017 | Friday 22:36 | Shaaknee | Local | 1,130

All 10 crew members "doing well" -- Photo by: twitter

Crew members of the boat that sank after catching fire on Tuesday, have been safely brought to Malé City.

All 10 crew members were brought to Malé at around 1:15 am on Thursday. They were brought Coast Guard ship, “Ghaazee”.

The vessel “Marco Polo 2” sank after catching fire on Tuesday, and its crew members were rescued by “Spear 10” at around 4:30 pm on Wednesday.

Three Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Coast Guard ships were sent to the area, on a search and rescue mission, as soon as the matter was reported to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC), MNDF had said.

MNDF had conducted an aerial search for the missing crew members as well.

Speaking to RaajjeMV on Thursday morning, MNDF’s acting media officer, Captain Ibrahim Azim had informed that all crew members were “doing well,” despite the ordeal.

While the boat had sunk 323 miles off the coast of Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo, the crew members were rescued from around the area as well.

The 10 crew members were picked up by the Coast Guard ship early Thursday morning.

Citing the boat’s owner, MNDF said that there were nine Indonesians and one local aboard Marco Polo 2, at the time of the incident.

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