Ready to bring forth coalition candidate and end this tyranny: Ali Waheed

  • Qasim is currently in Germany after fleeing his conviction.
  • Qasim will put national interest and citizens first.

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 31-May-2018 | Thursday 22:27 | zunana | Local | 690

Ali Waheed and Qasim Ibrahim -- Photo by: Social Media

Former Chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ali Waheed who was recently assigned as Gasim Ibrahim's political adviser has announced Jumhooree Party's coalition candidate, claiming that they are ready to bring an end to the current administration.

In a tweet typed out in Dhivehi with a photo of himself and Qasim attached to it, posted on Thursday evening, Waheed who recently joined Jumhooree Party wrote that Party leader Qasim Ibrahim is prepared to put national interest, and citizens first. 

Waheed wrote that the coalition candidate is well prepared to save the citizens of the nation, and the members of political parties from the brutality they are currently enduring.

Qasim is currently in Germany after fleeing his conviction.

Waheed, who priorly held the position of MDP' chairperson after having started his political career as a senior member of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, currently lived in exile due to the terrorism charges raised against him after the May Day protest organized by the opposition. 

Jumhooree Party is the third political party he has joined thus far.

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