Condition of man injured in helicopter accident "improving"

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 10-January-2017 | Tuesday 22:26 | Shaaknee | Local | 1,311

Man injured in an accident at Velana International Airport was taken to ADK Hospital for treatment. -- Photo by: Admin

ADK Hospital has revealed that the health condition of the individual injured in an accident at Velana International Airport “is improving.”

The accident occurred on January 1, when an air stair collided with the rotor blades of an MNDF helicopter- which had just landed. Due to the impact, pieces of the rotor blade were detached from the helicopter, flying in various directions.

While two individuals were injured in the accident, ADK said that one of them had been discharged after treatment, as he had not sustained serious injuries.

However, a second individual, the driver- identified as Moosa Wajdhee- was seriously injured in the accident. He was stabbed in the abdomen.

Speaking to RaajjeMV, ADK’s Managing Director, Ahmed Affaal said that the individual his condition "is improving."

However, it is not clear on when he will be discharged from the hospital.

While Affaal refused to give out details on the extent of his injuries, RaajjeMV understands that they had to undergo emergency surgery to save his life.

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