Dhiraagu becomes the development partner of Maldives Fishermen's Association

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 10-January-2017 | Tuesday 00:13 | Shaaknee | Business | 1,044

Dhiraagu headquarters -- Photo by: google

Dhiraagu has become the official development partner of Maldives Fishermen’s Association’s Young Fishers Club.

A ceremony was held at Dhiraagu Head Office, where an agreement was signed between Dhiraagu and Maldives Fishermen’s Association on Sunday.

“This is an initiative under Dhiraagu’s youth development program which is a key focus area under Dhiraagu’s corporate social responsibility,” said Dhiraagu.

Dhiraagu said the objective of the program is to “support and develop youth across the country to be get more educated and help them find more job opportunities in the fisheries industry which is one of the two major industries in the Maldives.”

According to Dhiraagu, as the development partner, Dhiraagu will “provide financial and vocational support to Young Fisher’s Club, especially to activities that involve communication and technology.”

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