Maumoon maintains “firm commitment against supporting the govt.”

K. Male' | Fathimath Saya Ahmed | 07-January-2017 | Saturday 23:11 | F_SayaAhmed | Local | 2,615

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom -- Photo by: mihaaru

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, who is also the leader of the now-divided ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), has maintained his stance of not supporting the presidency and government of half-brother President Abdulla Yameen.

On Saturday, Maumoon tweeted that he remains firmly committed to a stand declared in a statement issued on 27th October 2016 where he revoked support for the government and presidency of President Yameen.

In a second tweet, the former President said that “drastic reforms are needed urgently to regain, protect and secure the democratic and economic rights of the Maldivian people”.

In late 2016, the ruling PPM was divided into two factions – following a dispute over party leadership which led to a Civil Court order demanding that control of the party be handed over to President Yameen although Maumoon is the elected leader of the party.

As the ‘Maumoon faction’ prepared to celebrate the anniversary of PPM in October, security forces obstructed Maumoon and his supporters from entering the premises of the party main office to “enforce the court order”.

Following the incident, Maumoon held an abrupt press conference where he announced withdrawal of support for the government, alleging President Yameen of violating the principles and values of PPM.

Maumoon’s tweets come at a time when his daughter and former Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon had accepted a post in the government as a Minister of State for Health.

Dunya Maumoon, along with the other three children of the Maumoon family, was seen advocating against President Yameen during the past year.

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