Chairman drops hint Dhangandey’s set to return to New Radiant

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 07-January-2017 | Saturday 17:14 | Shaaknee | Sport | 848

Local football icon Ali "Dhagandey" Ashfaq -- Photo by: google

New Radiant Sports Club’s Chairman, Colonel Mohamed Ziyad has hinted that the club is negotiating with Ali Ashfaq, for the upcoming football season, set to kick off on February 16.

Speaking at club congress meeting on Friday, Ziyad said that they will be coming to an agreement “with a very special player,” by mid-January.

He added that the player is the best football player in the country, teasing the public by not disclosing his name.

Ziyad also said that the club will be able to get themselves out of its current situation “when he joins,” adding that he will make the supporters happy.

In its work to strengthen this year’s squad, New Radiant Sports Club has signed with a number of prominent players in the local football arena, including Ali “Sentey” Fasir, Ahmed Abdulla and Akram Abdul Gani. The club also snatched the number one goalkeeper in the country, Imran Mohamed, who retired from international football last year.

Last week, Ashfaq sent out an announcement via social media, saying that he “will decide his next move within the next few weeks.” He added that he was negotiating with a few clubs, as rumors circulated about his imminent return to New Radiant.

Ashfaq began his football career with Valencia Sports Club in 2001, and made his international debut in 2003, at the age of 18.

After a brief time with New Radiant from 2006-2007, Ashfaq left to return in 2011 and was there till his transfer to Malaysia’s PDRM FA.

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