12 Maldivian tennis players to attend camp in Turkey

  • 12 players to attend the camp on 26th April
  • General Secretary of Tennis Association of Maldives said that its a great opportunity for Maldivian players

K. Male' | Afnan Ibrahim | 21-April-2018 | Saturday 21:49 | @afnani | Sport | 2,713

Junior tennis players of Maldives -- Photo by: raajjemv

Tennis Association of Maldives (TAM) is sending 12 players to attend a camp in Turkey.

The players will travel to Turkey on the 26th of April. 

The opportunity was provided through an agreement signed between Ali Bey Maldives and TAM. A team of 12 players from both genders under the age of 14 will be traveling to take part in the camp.

The team comprises of players Mohamed Nagim Shahid, Raudhak Maumoon, Ayyoub Shaheeb, Ismail Nuhaik Irushan, Mohamed Muallim Ahmed, Mohamed Kaisan Izzath Rasheed, Sara Ahmed Akram, Aishath Thaaraa Naeem, Layaan Mohamed Shamin, Zoya Zubin Saleem, Aishath Yaaraa Shamaal and Mariyam Aleesha Khatheer. 

TAM's General Secretary Yoosuf Riza said that this is a great opportunity for the junior players to improve their standards and added that the players were selected from the ranks determined through all the tournaments held by the association. Additionally, Managing Director of Ali Bey Maldives said that the company is proud to be part of it. 

On an event held on Friday, TAM distributed jerseys to the players participating in the camp. 

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