NCA to host a music festival in Malé

  • The music festival is organized for 11th - 12th May
  • Purpose is to showcase Maldivian talent in one platform
  • Interested artists can apply now

K. Male' | Afnan Ibrahim | 16-April-2018 | Monday 11:04 | @afnani | Entertainment | 4,120

Music show in Malé -- Photo by: raajjemv

National Center for the Arts (NCA) is organizing a music festival in Malé for the 11th and 12th of May. 

Interested artists can now apply to participate in the festival coordinated by NCA in hopes of showcasing Maldivian talent in one platform.

NCA has asked bands, solo artists and anyone with a presence in the music sector to send application forms. They noted that the form can be attained from NCA's website. 

NCA is an institution working towards the progress of Maldivian artist community. They hope that the festival organized for May will strengthen the connection between local artists. 

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