Maldives moves up three places on FIFA ranking

  • Maldives has improved its ranking by three levels and secured 147th position
  • India secured 97th position by advancing two levels
  • Maldives advanced its ranking this month as a result of their performance in some international matches

K. Male' | Afnan Ibrahim | 12-April-2018 | Thursday 16:48 | @afnani | Sport | 3,321

Maldives National Football Team -- Photo by: fam

While Maldives improved its FIFA ranking by three levels, neighboring country India managed to secure 97th position. 

Maldives successfully advanced by three levels and secured the 147th position in the monthly FIFA ranking list released by World Football Federation.

India, which held the 99th position last month, succesfully advanced by two levels, securing 97th position this month. Meanwhile Afghanistan secured the second highest ranking in the region at 142nd position, Nepal was ranked at 162, Bhutan at position 184, Bangladesh ranked at 197 and Sri Lanka secured the 200th position. Pakistan was ranked at the bottom in this region once again. 

Maldives managed to improve its ranking because the team played some international matches this month. These include a friendly match Maldives lost against Singapore with a score of 2-3 and a match against Bhutan played in Asian Cup Qualifiers in which Maldives won with a phenomenal score of 7-0. The latter match provided Maldives with an advantage of 22 points. 

While Germany is positioned at the top of the ranking with 1533 points, Brazil secured the 2nd position. As Portugal lost the 3rd position to Belgium, they now remain in the 4th position. And while Argentina relegated to the 5th position, Switzerland managed to secure the 6th position. With an improvement of two levels, France was successfully ranked at position 7 and Spain's ranking dropped to the 8th position. And Chile was positioned at the 9th position, while Poland was the last team to make it top 10. 

FIFA announced that they will be disclosing next month's ranking by May 17th. 


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