12 islands available for long-term leasing

  • 8 islands from Haa Dhaalu will be available for long-term leasing
  • 2 islands from Dhaalu, 1 from Baa and 1 from Gaafu Alif atoll will also be rented out
  • Bid forms will be available from 12th to 26th April

K. Male' | Afnan Ibrahim | 11-April-2018 | Wednesday 08:04 | @afnani | Local | 2,888

Aerial image of Maldivian islands -- Photo by: raajjemv

Ministry of Fisheries announced on Tuesday that eight islands from Haa Dhaalu atoll and a total of 12 islands will be granted for long-term leasing under the Varuvaa scheme. 

The Fisheries Ministry disclosed that in addition to eight islands from Haa Dhaalu, Gemendhoo in Baa atoll, Boarikifinolhu and Aarah islands in Dhaalu atoll as well as Dhevvalaabadhoo in Gaafu Alif atoll will be available for long-term leasing. 

The islands that are to be available for leasing from Haa Dhaalu atoll include Hirinaidhoo, Ruffushi, Kanamana, Kattalafushi, Kuredhigandu, Innafushi, Veligandu and Fenbohuraa. Some of these islands have been available for long-term leasing since September last year. 

Bid forms for long-term leasing will be available from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at Fisheries Ministry on all official working days between 12th to 26th April. The forms are for MVR 20 each. 

More information regarding long-term leasing will be given on 25th April, Wednesday. And the forms are to be applied on 6th May. 

Fisheries Ministry noted that they will announce further details regarding information sharing with interested applicants and form application dates and venue. 

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