MSRC competes in Club TT Championship in Bangladesh

  • Its the first club level tournament in this region
  • The two-day tournament was held from 7th to 9th April.
  • MSRC lost to clubs representing Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh

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Maldivian Sports and Recreation Club leaving for Club TT Championship -- Photo by: TT Association

Maldivian Sports and Recreation Club from Island Aviation Services represented Maldives in the first club level table tennis championship in this region.  

In the tournament that took place in Chittagong Bangladesh, MSRC lost to clubs representing Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

They lost 0-3 to Bengal Club from India and Palolick Group from Bangladesh, 1-3 to Southern TT Club from Sri Lanka and 2-3 to Thimphu Club from Bhutan. The team put up a good fight against both Sri Lanka and Bhutan while representing Maldives. 

MSRC team that travelled from Maldives consisted of three players; Ali Adam Manik, Mohamed Maizar Adam Zahir and Ismail Shujau, and two officials; Ahmed Asif, Manager and Ibrahim Shiury, Executive Committee member from TTAM. 

The two-day Club TT Championship finished on the 9th of this month and the MSRC team is expected to travel back on the 11th. 



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