Court rules not enough evidence to prove man forged signature on finance ministry check to get MVR 900,000

K. Male' | Fathimath Saya Ahmed | 07-January-2017 | Saturday 02:34 | F_SayaAhmed | Local | 1,175

Criminal Court Male -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

The Criminal Court has ruled that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that over 900,000 Rufiyaa was taken through a check of the Finance Ministry by forging the signature required on the check.

The state pressed charges against Moosa Gasim from Henveiru Veyvaru house for allegedly forging the signature on a check from the finance ministry.

He was charged with deception and fraud of an amount over 10,000 Rufiyaa. Olhuveli Laamu Holdings Company was legally obliged to pay a debt of 1.37 million Rufiyaa to a man named Ismail Rafeeu of Winter House from Laamu Maavah Island.

On 11th April 2012, the Civil Court sent a check of 913,400 Rufiyaa out of the 1.37 million Rufiyaa to the Finance Ministry to be officially handed over to Ismail Rafeeu.

It is alleged that Moosa Gasim deceivingly forged the signature on the check to deposit the money to the Bank of Maldives (BML) account of MSM Company of which Moosa Gasim is a shareholder.

In the court ruling, the judge stated that the prosecution has been unable to present sufficient evidence to prove the guilt of the defendant who had maintained his innocence.

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