Cargo carriers end strike, doubles prices of services

  • Porters asked that they be allowed to conduct their operations during the day
  • Merchants and cargo carriers have expressed concern about the logistical difficulties presented by the state's restriction
  • They were on strike on Monday, and decided to return to work having doubled the prices of their services

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 03-April-2018 | Tuesday 07:13 | twitter | Local | 2,590

A hired hand helps unload a truck of cargo -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

Cargo carriers working at capital city Malé’s principal port, who were on strike until Monday evening, have decided to resume work after doubling the prices of services they provide.

The porters have been on strike since Sunday, operated by the Maldives Ports Limited, calling on the government to repeal its policy change to restrict delivery times in capital city Malé.

The carriers manage containers – lashing, stripping, and handling of cargo in them –  brought to the port and have previously said that the restriction on delivery hurts their businesses.

While they previously lash, strip, and handle cargo in 20-foot containers for MVR 2,500 (about USD 162) they will now charge MVR 6,000 (about USD 389) for a container of this size.

Similarly, while they previously manage cargo in 40-foot containers for MVR 5,000 (about USD 324) they now will now charge MVR 12,000 (about USD 778) for this service.

Porters on strike called on the government to allow a way for them to conduct their work during the day.

Merchants and cargo carriers have expressed concern about the logistical difficulties that having to conduct delivery and stocking operations during the night presents.

The Economic Ministry has said that gas deliveries can be made for a short period during the day, and that cargo en route to outlying islands can be taken from the outlet of purchase onto the vessel.

An individual who runs a company of porters told local newspaper Mihaaru that he had spoken to members of the ruling party, the Progressive Party of Maldives, about the matter to no avail.

He further said that a number of employees with his company, who are hired hands and labourers, have also decided to leave and that they are hard to replace, given the restriction.

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