Police to join waste management efforts

  • Environment Ministry signs memorandum with police service and WAMCO on the "Environment Police" service
  • This initiation will help both institutions to strengthen bonds and encourages "Clean Maldives" initiative
  • "Citizens will observe a noticeable change upon the initiation of this program and see an improvement in waste management" Police Commissioner Nawaz

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 18-March-2018 | Sunday 17:26 | zunana | Local | 3,188

Memorandum signed between the police service, Environment Ministry and WAMCO -- Photo by: Maldives Police Service

The Ministry of Environment and Energy has signed a memorandum with Maldives Police Service and Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) for the "Environment Police" service.

Minister Thorig Ibrahim signed on behalf of the Ministry in a ceremony held at the Environment Ministry on Sunday with Acting Commissioner of Police Abdulla Nawaz signing on behalf of the police service and Managing Director Mohamed Shifau signing on behalf of WAMCO.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Minister Thorig highlighted that the upsurge of waste in various parts of capital Male' city is still a spreading issue and that the Ministry will take relevant action against those who collect waste from houses illegally adding that a Special Constabulary will be adapted very soon and police will have the full co-operation and support from the ministry in upholding it.

Police Commissioner Nawaz speaking in the ceremony said that citizens will observe a noticeable change upon the initiation of this program and see an improvement in waste management, adding that this service will be introduced to outerlying islands in the near future.

Nawaz further highlighted that bonds between the Environment Ministry and the police service will significantly improve and both will engage in further projects for the progress and prosperity of citizens in coming days.

The memorandum between these three institutions is described as that of one that will assist in all three institutions to carry out their duties explicitly within their knowledge and expertise, to encourage the development of the three institutions and for the progress of the Environment Ministry's "Clean Maldives" initiative to keep the nation clean and spotless as well as to take measures against those who violate waste management guidelines.

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