Police confirms RaajjeTV reporter's arrest is under SoE

  • Fazeen was handcuffed and brought into police custody about an hour after Friday
  • His Lawyer Mohamed Nishan was informed that his arrest comes under the SoE

K. Male' | Zunana Zalif | 17-March-2018 | Saturday 14:32 | zunana | Local | 2,346

RaajjeTV's reporter Mohamed Fazeen being taken by traffic police -- Photo by: Twitter

RaajjeMV has received information from the Maldives Police Service that the station's reporter Mohamed Fazeen was arrested under the state of emergency decree, meaning authorities can keep him in police custody without a remand hearing.

On Friday evening, many were seen gathered on Majeedhee Magu in their reform efforts to call for justice and the return of democracy to the nation.

Fazeen was arrested about an hour after Friday's rally against the administration's prejudicial misconduct kicked off while he was standing among protestors infront of Olympus movie theatre on Majeedhee Magu. He was handcuffed and taken into custody by traffic police.

His lawyer Mohamed Nishan stated that although his apprehension cannot be perceived as under the state of emergency, the police had confirmed the matter on Saturday afternoon.

While a remand hearing is yet to be issued on Fazeen, the station's Head of Programmes Amir Saleem and reporter Mohamed Wisam who were arrested alongside have been presented to court for their remand hearings at 03:00 pm on Saturday.

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