PPM deputy leader calls for RaajjeTV's shutdown on state broadcaster

  • Raheem said this speaking at a press conference early Saturday
  • MP Abdul Raheem accused the three RaajjeTV staff of having staged a video

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 17-March-2018 | Saturday 02:22 | twitter | Local | 2,978

MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaking in parliament -- Photo by: People

MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla, the staunchest supporter of the government in parliament, has called on authorities to have privately-run Raajje Television (RaajjeTV) shut down.

The parliamentarian, who is also the ruling party's deputy leader, said this speaking at a press conference early Saturday, which was broadcast live on Public Service Media. 

MP Abdul Raheem accused the three RaajjeTV staff, Head of Programmes Amir Saleem, and journalists Mohamd Wisam and Mohamed Fazeen of having staged a video that the police said they are investigating. 

On the basis of these unconfirmed reports, MP Abdul Raheem accused RaajjeTV of being an organization responsible for acts of terror. 

The video depits three masked men, dressed as police officers, claiming that they will join the opposition's demonstrations and no longer follow unlawful orders.

While the police apprehended the three RaajjeTV staff earlier on Friday, they have yet to officially provide a reason. 

Raheem started off the conference saying that the fact that prominent members of its leadership at midnight is testatement of their unity. 

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