Defense Ministry warns of action against those that disclose information that endangers national security

  • Says several sources propagate statements that endanger national security
  • Live programs create fear in public
  • Cautioned and warned against such information

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 08-February-2018 | Thursday 21:27 | rushdhar | Local | 4,068

Officers of MNDF patrolling streets during State of Emergency -- Photo by: Ashwa Faheem

Ministry of Defense and National Security has warned that the Ministry will take action on parties found to have brought content that impacted national security, adding that no warning will be given. 

A statement released by the Ministry on Thursday said that as per clause 253 of the Constitution, a State of Emergency was declared. During this time, the MInistry said there was uptake on individuals propagating and sharing information that is detrimental to national security. Additionally, live shows and programs on media programs create chaos, confusion in public and create discord within the society. 

The statement had cautioned and warned of action, if those sources continue to propagate such narratives. 

It added that the armed forces of the nation will continue to fulfill their legal mandate as specified  in clause 237 of the Constitution, clauses 2, 7 and 8 of the Armed Forces laws. 

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