Opposition sends letter to Indian government over situation in Maldives

  • Letter details government’s unlawful actions ahead of the presidential election
  • Diplomatic relations between the India and Maldives have been tense
  • Opposition coalition also sent letter to Supreme Court, and Elections Commission

K. Male' | Humaam Ali | 22-January-2018 | Monday 07:50 | HumaamAli | Local | 2,119

Secretary generals of MDP and JP head to the Indian embassy in capital city Malé -- Photo by: Twitter

A letter, signed by the four opposition leaders, has been sent to the Indian Prime Minister on the current situation in the Maldives.

The letter was taken to the Indian embassy by Anas Abdul Sattar, the secretary-general of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), and Ahmed Sameer, the secretary-general of the Jumhoree Party (JP).

The letter details the Maldivian government’s unlawful actions ahead of this year’s presidential election.

This comes at a time of strained diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries.

Foreign Minister Dr Mohamed Asim met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India on January 11, as a special envoy of President Abdulla Yameen.

The opposition coalition has also sent letter to the Supreme Court and Elections Commission (EC).

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