Onion shortage prompts price hike

  • India is producing less onions
  • The shortage might extend to two weeks
  • A kg of onions, previously MVR 15 - 20, has increased to MVR 25 - 35

K. Male' | Humaam Ali | 13-January-2018 | Saturday 18:14 | HumaamAli | Business | 2,438

Onions -- Photo by: Archive

Some vendors have raised concern that a shortage of onions from India would lead to a price hike.

Vendors told RaajjeMV that Indian suppliers are also experiencing a shortage.

This is due to less production of onions in India.

Some businesses have said that the shortage might extend to two weeks.

A kilogram of onions was previously MVR 15 to 20, but has now increased to MVR 25 to 35.

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