Goal keeper Hassan signs to New Radiant

  • Fifth player to sign to New Radiant for next season
  • Contracts for most players renewed for upcoming season

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 10-January-2018 | Wednesday 17:31 | rushdhar | Sport | 2,145

Keeper Hassan Abdul Hakeem -- Photo by: Newradiant Sports Club

Keeper Hassan Abdul Hakeem has joined New Radiant Sports Club for the upcoming season.

The 16-year-old was chosen as the best player in the last Siyam-Mauroof Soccer Cup and hails from the island of Milandhoo.

He replaces the third goal keeper Abdullah Ziyazan. Hassan will join veteran Keeper Imran Mohamed and Mohamed Faisal.

Hassan in the fifth player brought in for the new season. 

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