Flights to Maldives booked for days near end of holidays

  • Flights to Maldives have been booked all the way up to Jan 8

K. Male' | Humaam Ali | 03-January-2018 | Wednesday 13:51 | HumaamAli | Business | 2,486

A flight from SriLankan Airlines -- Photo by: Srilankan Airlines

Airline operators have warned that flights to Maldives have been completely booked due to Maldivians returning from the holidays.

Inner Maldives Holidays, the local travel agency for SriLankan Airlines, has said flights to Maldives have been booked all the way up to January 8.

Many Maldivians have travelled to different destinations using SriLankan Airlines, through a special holiday package introduced by the agency.

Maldivians mostly visit nearby Sri Lanka and India for the holidays.

But statistics from Sri Lanka’s Tourism Development Authority show that less Maldivians have travelled to the country, with 66110 arrivals in 2017 and 79255 in 2016.

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