Forward Naaiz Hassan leaves TC for Maziya Sports and Recreation

  • The contract is valid for a year
  • RaajjeMV understands New Radiant had been in talks with him as well

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 01-January-2018 | Monday 14:29 | twitter | Sport | 3,129

Naaiz 'Dhaadhu' Hassan (R) -- Photo by: Maziya Sports Club

Naaiz ‘Dhaadhu’ Hassan, a skillfull forward credited as being the most promising younger player, has singed on to Maziya Sports and Recreation, after leaving TC Sports Club.  

RaajjeMV understands that Dhaadhu inked this year-long agreement with Maziya while New Radiant, this year’s premier league champions, had been in talks with him as well.

Dhaadhu said at the signing that Maziya has strong managerial structure and that he is keen to assist the team accomplish their goals for the upcoming season.

Maziya’s chairman Ahmed Saajidh said that his signing is an accomplishment for the team and that their performance in the next season will reflect it.

Maziya has renewed its contract with midfielders Yazfaad Habeeb and Abdul Junayd as well.

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