Eagles win Youth Championships, after penalty-shootout with Maziya

  • The match was played on Friday at the Galolhu Stadium
  • It ended with a score of 1-1
  • Eagles won the penalty shoot-out with a score of 8-7

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Eagles won the penalty shoot-out with a score of 8-7 -- Photo by: Facebook

Club Eagles has won the Football Association’s Youth Championship, after penalty shoot-out with Maziya Sports and Recreation.

Friday’s match, played at the Galolhu Stadium, ended with a tie for both teams, broken by a score of 8-7 after penalty shots.

Eagles had ball control for the first half of the match, managing to make several attempts at Maziya’s goal.

Just two minutes before the half-time whistle, Maziya’s Ibrahim Aqeeth scored a goal for his team. The first half ended with Maziya in the lead.

Eagles had noticeable amped up their offence in the second half and made more attempts at scoring, though they managed to allow Maziya to secure a potential score.

However, Maziya was unable to utilize the chance and missed a clear opening.

Eagles’ Ahmed Tholal scored the tie-maker on the 87th minute of the match.

The FAM Youth Championships’ best coach was named Ahmed ‘Shaakitteh’ Shaakir.

Best players were named Ahmed Aqeeth and Abdulla Junaid from Maziya and Mohamed Naeem and Mohamed Ashvaan from Eagles.

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