Dhiraagu brings in Detune band as new Brand Ambassadors

  • Previous Brand Ambassadors include flyboarder Ibrahim Hussain (Ibbadey)

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 27-December-2017 | Wednesday 16:24 | rushdhar | Business | 2,458

Senior officials of Dhiraagu with members of Detune band -- Photo by: Dhiraagu


Detune band has been appointed as the new Brand Ambassadors for Dhiraagu.

The announcement was made in a ceremony held in Dhiraagu headquarters by Dhiraagu Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Ismail Rasheed. 

Speaking in the ceremony, Ismail Rasheed said that he was glad with the new partnership with Detune band, who are an example to new talent. 

Detune band's songs, Dhiraagu said, will soon be made available on Dhiraagu's Yonder music app.

Detune band was formed 10 years ago and is extremely popular locally. 

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