Meyna Hassaan's come back show on New Year Eve

  • Meyna Hassan's come back show on New Year show
  • Will perform alongside Habeys boduberu in Hulhumale'
  • Come back show after years of hiatus

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 27-December-2017 | Wednesday 15:10 | rushdhar | Entertainment | 3,665

Meyna Hassan performing in a previous show -- Photo by: Facebook

Popular singer, Hassan Mohamed (Meyna Hassan) is to hold his comeback show on New Year.

Hassaan, who held his last show in 2014, then announced that the show was his final one and that he had no intention of coming back. In the two years since then, Hassaan was not seen in public eye and had not released any songs. 

Hassaan has been living in Sri Lanka since then and had announced that he will stage a comeback show on New Year's eve. 

In a facebook post, Hassaan said he will perform in Hulhumale' along with Habeys boduberu group.

The show will begin at 10pm on the 31st and will be held in Hulhumale' Central Park, accompanied with fireworks and live barbeque.

Hassaan is famous for his original compositions such as 'mila mila handhuvaru', 'vehey vaarey therein', 'vaguthu nethey'; songs that have been covered by other artists multiple times. 

Two shows are to be held to mark 2018. One show will be held in Hulhumale', while the other will be held in Carnival area in capital Male'. Pakistani singer Rahat Fatheh Ali Khan and Mika Singh. 

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