High Court orders Crown Company to pay MVR 27.1 million over redundancy dispute

  • 22 employees had disputed the grounds on which they were let go
  • The case was filed at the employment tribunal, which ruled that redundancy is not an adequate reason to terminate employment contracts
  • The High Court had upheld the tribunal's verdict

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 06-December-2017 | Wednesday 14:08 | twitter | Local | 2,101

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island -- Photo by: google

Crown Company Pvt Ltd, which operates the Rangali Island Resort, has been ordered to pay damages of MVR 27.1 million to 22 employees on grounds of wrongful termination.

Said employees had filed a case against the company with the employment tribunal, which ruled in their favour. The case was then appealed at the High Court, which upheld the tribunal’s verdict.

The company had terminated the employment of 22 employees at the Rangali Island Resort who were selected for redundancy.

The tribunal verdict said that ‘redundancy’ is not an adequate reason to terminate employees, according to the Employment Act.