Heavy rain floods Hinnavaru, '75 percent' of households affected

  • The island's council has formed a task force to tackle the flooding
  • MNDF officers have been active on the island to aid households and drain flooded areas
  • The flooding completely destroyed a total of four households, displacing 15 residents

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 01-December-2017 | Friday 16:52 | twitter | Local | 2,736

Hinnavaru island's main road flooded by heavy rains on Friday, 1st December, 2017 -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Adverse weather conditions and heavy rain has caused flooding in Hinnavaru of Lhaviyani Atoll, causing damaged to roughly ‘75 percent’ of the island’s households, said its local government council.

Abdulla Mohamed, the council’s president, said that officers of the Maldives National Defence Force have been active on the island for drainage to control the flooding.

The island’s council has also established a taskforce to assist those affected by the flooding, and residents of households that were heavily damaged have been moved to temporary shelter.

Councilman Abdulla Mohamed said that four houses have been completely destroyed, and there 15 residents have been provided shelter.

Further, flooding has disrupted the island’s water drainage and sewer systems causing a spillover of waste onto Hinnavaru’s streets.

The taskforce, along with officers of the MNDF, have set up sand bags near households and commercial premises to combat the possibility of further damage.