Detaining an innocent, influencing the judiciary and embezzling state funds- all injustices, says ex-Pres.

  • The former President highlighted three 'injustices' in a tweet sent in Dhivehi on Sunday
  • His son, Dhiggaru constituency MP Faris has been in police custody since July, yet to be sentenced
  • President Yameen's government is accused of mass corruption

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 26-November-2017 | Sunday 11:13 | Shaaknee | Local | 1,372

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (R) and his half-brother, incumbent President Abdulla Yameen (L) -- Photo by: google

As his son marks over 130 days in police custody, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has stated that detaining an innocent "is an injustice".

In a tweet sent out in Dhivehi on Sunday, the man who ruled the nation for 30 years noted three "injustices"- detaining an innocent, influencing trials and embezzling from state funds, the latter is directed towards the mass corruption allegations against his half-brother's administration.

Maumoon's son, Dhiggaru constituency MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon has been in detention since July, after being arrested on bribery allegations. Criminal Court had ruled to keep him in custody for the remainder of the investigation and trial. He has since been charged with bribery and identity theft. The parliamentarian denies both charges.

The former president claims that Faris was arrested 'against the Constitution' and that the charges against him are 'baseless'.

Faris is the nephew of incumbent President Abdulla Yameen, whose government has been facing various allegations, including mass corruption.

Noting that a number of senior government officials are accused of corruption, Maumoon had previously criticized the authorities for 'investigating certain issues while ignoring others'.