Bonuses for national team players still not given

  • Team won eight matches since bonuses were pledged

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 17-November-2017 | Friday 17:58 | rushdhar | Sport | 3,182

National football team -- Photo by: facebook

RaajjeMV understands that the bonuses pledged for national team still has not been given to the players.

Football Association of the Maldives (FAM) had pledged to give each member of the team a bonus of MVR 10,000 for every match, registered by FIFA, played by the men’s team.

Following this pledge, the team had played 23 matches registered under FIFA, with them winning eight of those matches.

Though the full amount had not been paid, RaajjeMV understands that after Mahibadhoo Constituency MP Ahmed Thoriq singed in as the President of FAM, some of the pay was given.

FAM is yet to release a statement on the matter.

The national football team had suffered a string of losses in the past few weeks, including a humiliating 8-1 loss at the hands of the Palestinian national team.

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