Maldives U-19 defeated by Tajkistan, 5-0

  • Maldives lost to Tajikistan’s under-19 team with a score of 5-0
  • Maldives has only one point from the championship, while Tajikistan secured five from match

K. Male' | Shan Anees | 08-November-2017 | Wednesday 14:15 | twitter | Sport | 1,118

Maldives' U-19 team during their match against Sri Lanka in the AFC Championship Qualification -- Photo by: AFC

Maldives’ under-19 team has lost to host country Tajikistan in the 2018 AFC U-19 Championship qualification.

Maldives lost to Tajikistan’s under-19 team with a score of 5-0. One of the team’s forward's managed to score a goal at the last few minutes of the first half.

The team secured it's second goal in the extra time of the first half, after midfielder Ehsoni Panshanbe scored.

While the Maldivian team attempted to increase their defence in the second half, Tajkistan’s forward Boboev Sherridin scored another goal in the 73rd minute of the match, and then another a few minutes after.

The team scored their fifth goal, and ensured that they would receive three points from the match, after a midfielder scored in the last four minutes of the second half.

With the loss, the Maldivian U-19 team is out of the 2018 AFC U-19 Championship qualification

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