Must adhere to principles when seeking economic development: Ziyath

  • Must invest in creating technical individuals
  • Accountants Forum will be held for three days

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 07-November-2017 | Tuesday 11:03 | rushdhar | Business | 1,276

Auditor General Hassan Ziyath speaking at the opening -- Photo by: Facebook

Auditor General Hassan Ziyath says that lack of adherence to principles was the biggest challenge when seeking economic development.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the first ever Accountants Forum, Ziyath said due to economic progress, there was a ripple effect in the economy and society. This he said had also increased spending to maintain the economy, as well.

He said the biggest challenge was adhering to principles and must focus on creating technical individuals, as well.

The three-day forum is held in Hotel Jen. The forum is aimed at auditing professionals and is organized by Auditor General’s Office, with assistance from public companies.

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