Met Office issues white alert!

  • White Alert in affect from 0800hrs till 1400hrs

K. Male' | Miuvaan Mohamed | 02-November-2017 | Thursday 07:49 | @Miuvaan | Local | 254

White Alert covers all parts of the country -- Photo by: Azmoon Ahmed

Maldives Meteorological Services has issued a white alert to all parts of the country as heavy rainfall is expected.

The alert issued early morning at 0720hrs said that heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in northern, central and southern parts of the country. The alert will be in affect from 0800hrs till 1400hrs. 

Parts of the country has seen heavy rainfall the past 2 days as the Vihaa Nakai began yesterday. Monsoon season is ahead and the public, especially travellers, are advised to take precautions as heavy rainfall is expected.