All semblance of a state is lost, this is now a dictatorship: MP Imthiyaz

  • Govt. wishes to halt all processes in Parliament
  • All charges are intimidation
  • Cases filed on 12 MPs

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 08-October-2017 | Sunday 11:37 | rushdhar | Local | 890

MP Imthiyaz outside Parliament premises being heckled by pro-Government MPs -- Photo by: Mohamed Sharuhaan

The present Government of President Abdullah Yameen does not have any semblance of a state due to his dictatorial policies, says Maafannu North Constituency MP Imthiyaz Fahmy.

Speaking to RaajjeMV on the politically motivated charges on Members of Parliament, MP Imthiyaz said the investigations and trials on MPs had only one outcome – to prevent their reform work in the Parliament.

‘All MPs are charged, while a no confidence motion on [Speaker] Abdullah Maseeh is pending. They are doing this [fearing] a change in regime, or consequences from Yameen in the Parliament,’ the Parliamentarian said.

Twelve Members of Parliament had been charged with obstruction for having broken Maldives Police Service (MPS) ranks around Parliament premises on July 24th. The no confidence motion on Speaker Abdullah Maseeh was to be taken that day. However, the motion was declared illegal.

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