EU resolution indicates a free election: MP Shareef

  • Guaranteed that Pres. Nasheed can contest
  • The motion will impact on economy
  • Maldives has to amend to avoid such motions

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 07-October-2017 | Saturday 00:32 | rushdhar | Local | 951

Addu Maradhoo Constituency MP Ibrahim Shareef -- Photo by: Murushidh Abdul Hakeem

Addu Maradhoo Constituency MP Ibrahim Shareef says the resolution passed by the European Union Parliament indicated that free and fair elections for 2018.

Speaking in the weekly rally held in Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) headquarters on Friday evening, MP Shareef said this resolution ensures that former President Mohamed Nasheed can contest in the next Presidential elections.

MP Shareef said added that this Government should not be able to govern as they feel apt, noting that motions of this nature ends up affecting the economy.

He advised the Government to engage in constructive dialogue with the opposition and reflect on why bodies such as EU passed motions on the Maldives.

MP Shareef added that results of the work carried out by the opposition were clearly seen. He also added the Government must reflect on why motions of this nature were passed on the Maldives.

Noting that development without peace and security was futile, MP Sahreef said that all citizens were now living in a constant state of fear.

Other speakers had also expressed his concerns over the Government’s dismissal of the severity of the motion. They also expressed the motion had renewed their vigor and will double down on the efforts for meaningful change.

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