Maldives dips 12 places in FIFA global rankings

  • Maldives placed on the 154th spot
  • India is the region’s first at 107th rank
  • Germany placed on first

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 15-September-2017 | Friday 15:47 | rushdhar | Sport | 1,584

Maldives National football team at practice -- Photo by: fam

Maldives has slipped 12 places in the global rankings issued by Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

The monthly rankings published by FIFA shows that Maldives is on the 154th position, a dip of 12 spots. India placed first in the rankings in the region, with Pakistan placed at the bottom in the region at the 200th spot. Afghanistan placed 158th, with Bhutan ranked at 174th and Nepal at 175th. Bangladesh placed 196th while Sri Lanka placed 198th.

Germany placed 1st, followed by Brazil and Portugal.

Tonga placed last on the global rankings.

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